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Send an adorable plush penguin today! Flowers die, chocolate makes you fat, and fruit spoils. You know what the perfect gift is that lasts a lifetime and everyone is sure to love? A Penguin! That's right, you can send your friend, loved one or relative their very own penguin. Sent straight from the arctic, ok ok... maybe not from the arctic. Penguins are great for any occasion. No hidden fees, shipping is always free within the United States. Send a Penguin today!

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Named after the fluffy and agile Adelie Penguin, this penguin is sure to make anyone smile!

Baby Magellan

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This cute baby penguin is sure to warm anyones heart!

The King

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This fantastic Emperor penguin looks so lifelike, everyone is sure to think its real!

The Penguin Family

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The whole penguin family - Adele, The King and Baby Magellan cannot wait to cuddle with their very own human family!